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Application of single cylinder low vacuum filling machine in hot beverage filling

the single cylinder negative pressure filling machine has been widely used by various production enterprises in the filling of juice drinks, fruit wine, Baijiu, soy sauce, vinegar and other non gas containing liquids. It has the characteristics of fast canning speed, high precision, no dripping, wide range, high degree of automation, convenient maintenance and so on. It is deeply loved by users, especially the front-line production personnel. However, in the filling of hot drinks (such as apple vinegar), according to the problems and solutions encountered in the process of multi-party understanding and practical application, the author summarizes several experiences for the wide range of hot beverage manufacturers to use for reference when purchasing filling machines

temperature control of filling liquid

during the heating process of liquid materials, when the temperature rises to the required temperature, the heating device should be adjusted to supply heat slowly to avoid the continuous rise or rapid decline of liquid materials. For example, when the liquid rises to more than 90 ℃, it enters the wine vat of the filling machine. The maximum temperature borne by the electronic flowmeter and temperature indicator in the wine vat is 100 ℃. Once the material approaches this temperature, The electronic flowmeter and temperature indicator will be inaccurate at the end of October after only 3 months, and then lose their functions; If the material temperature drops rapidly, it will also reduce its accuracy and affect the canning speed of the wine valve. This type of filling machine is suitable for the material temperature range of 1 ~ 95 ℃

requirements for glass bottle type

in order to reduce the cost of beverage bottles, beverage manufacturers tend to ignore the requirements for the uniformity of bottles. Some bottle bodies of the same bottle type have different diameters, with a maximum difference of 2 ~ 4mm. Such bottles are easy to get stuck when they reach the bottle inlet and outlet shifting wheels of the filling machine, because the shifting wheels are equipped with an automatic bottle clamping stop device, which affects the production efficiency; At the same time, the outer diameter of the bottle mouth shall be φ 24~ φ 47mm, if the bottle mouth is too small, the valve needle of the wine valve is easy to touch the inner edge of the bottle mouth during filling, resulting in glass slag entering the beverage; The bottle mouth is too large, and the sealing area of the bottle guide cover of the wine valve during filling is too large, which reduces or loses the sealing function, resulting in insufficient filling or no filling. In addition, the bottle should stand vertical and not too inclined, otherwise it will affect the centering effect of the bottle guide cover of the wine valve on the bottle. The bottle is misaligned, which is easy to leak air and form a negative pressure, resulting in the inability of filling the material, thus affecting the production

requirements for workshop production environment

hot filling workshop generally has high temperature and poor ventilation conditions, which will inevitably affect the normal use of the filling machine, especially in summer. Due to the high ambient temperature and humidity, the electrical control components installed under the workbench of the filling machine are bound to pose a serious threat. As the hot gas extracted by the fan will also be distributed around the machine, it is easier to short circuit and burn the electrical components (such as frequency converter). Solution: on the one hand, improve the ventilation conditions of the workshop, on the other hand, consider moving the electrical control box to the outdoor or ventilated and dry place, or add a duct at the hot air outlet of the fan to pass the hot gas outdoors, so as to reduce the emission of hot gas around the filling machine and reduce the ambient temperature. The workshop shall try to 2 The computer software is based on windows98/windows2000/windows XP platform to develop ventilation. The ambient temperature should be controlled below 30 ℃. When the temperature is ℃, the relative humidity should be controlled below 40%. When the temperature is ℃, the relative humidity should be controlled below 30%

requirements for the maintenance of the equipment

after daily production, the operator shall carry out necessary simple maintenance for the filling machine, especially add some grease to the mechanical transmission parts (such as bearings, gears, springs, etc.) under the worktable to prevent rust spots from affecting the normal use of the equipment. After a period of time, the wine vat and wine valve should be cleaned to prevent the production of bacteria, which will affect the shelf life of materials. At the same time, the food rubber seals in the wine valve should be checked and replaced regularly to avoid the impact of aging and lax sealing on the canning effect of one patient who survived 29 months

during the specific installation and use of the users, the equipment operators should know more about it, use their brains and hands to gradually understand its performance, and communicate with the equipment manufacturers to avoid accidents

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