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Prospect and countermeasure analysis of fruit packaging industry II

problems existing in fruit packaging industry:

the packaging form used in fruit sales is single, and the grade is low

the use of foaming in recent years has improved the grade of fruit sales packaging to a certain extent, and the cartons have changed from the original low-grade to medium-grade, and gradually developed towards miniaturization and boutique, and the number of high-grade cartons has increased significantly. However, on the whole, in fruit sales, especially in the middle and high-end fruit packaging, high-performance and new functional modified plastics have gradually replaced ordinary plastics and other materials and are widely used in household appliances, office equipment, automobiles, mechanical and chemical industries and other fields. The specifications, sizes and printing methods of packaging cartons are diverse, and the quality is uneven. The phenomenon of "first-class products, second-class packaging, third-class prices" is still widespread. The high-quality fruits produced in the main fruit producing areas do not fully reflect their high quality, which is closely related to the choice of fruit packaging

the autonomy of choosing external packaging in fruit sales is poor

at present, fruit sales in the main fruit producing areas are still dominated by fruit merchants' door-to-door purchase, and most fruit operators only collect fruit on behalf of foreign fruit merchants. When choosing fruit packaging, it is often the fruit merchants who have the final say. Many fruit merchants use their own packaging boxes. Fruit farmers and most dealers have no choice of external packaging, so it is impossible to make their own brands and implement unified packaging

the packaging logo cannot highlight the name and characteristics of the place of origin, and the brand publicity effect is poor.

the main fruit producing areas have been restricted by many factors for a long time, and they have not attracted enough attention in fruit packaging, so that the fruit packaging has basically not formed a unified brand and logo, but generally use some disordered brands without registration, reputation and regional culture, It is not conducive to expanding external publicity, especially good at the planning and manufacturing of non-standard experimental equipment, and improving the popularity of fruits

ideas and ways to deal with:

around fruit brand construction, implement fruit brand packaging

brand is an intangible asset that distinguishes from competitors' products in the sales market, is the basis for consumers to choose goods, and is a means for enterprises (industries) to maximize profits. At present, it has become the main measure of market competition, especially for agricultural products, to a large extent, The direct and final performance of the brand in all thermoplastic materials that can withstand the temperature range of 275 ℃ is packaging. In fruit packaging, we should pay attention to the close combination with fruit brand construction, truly establish the brand awareness of packaging, fully consider the fruit characteristics, market characteristics, consumer psychology and other factors in the selection of packaging materials and packaging design, and strive to give packaging a strong modern visual impact and cultural taste, so as to make exquisite packaging, brand packaging and high-quality fruits complement each other. For example, in 2003, Lingbao City, Henan province implemented a unified text and pattern mark for Apple packing cases throughout the city, stipulating that all carton packages used for the purchase and sale of Lingbao apples must be printed with the words "Henan Lingbao, national pollution-free high-quality apple production base" and the registered Apple trademark patterns of "Lingbao", "siheshan", "long" and "Fu", which have received good results, It has improved the popularity and credibility of Lingbao Apple

highlight personalized packaging design and improve the grade of fruit packaging

fruit packaging is the last process in the fruit production and marketing chain. The same fruit packaging is different, the sales are different, and high-quality products need exquisite packaging to reflect, so as to enhance market competitiveness. From the perspective of marketing, personalized packaging patterns and color design are important factors to highlight the personality of goods, and personalized brand image is the most effective means of promotion. At present, the quality of fruit in the main fruit producing areas has been greatly improved in recent years, and the packaging grade has not been matched accordingly. The key is that the packaging design has not highlighted personalization, and has not reflected the commodity sales concept of appropriate and advanced packaging quality. On the basis of considering the characteristics of fruits, personalized brand packaging design should start with the constituent elements such as trademarks, patterns, colors, shapes and materials, scientifically classify according to different sales areas and consumption habits, take the high-end market and large supermarkets as the target market, and take high-end paper boxes and personalized brand packaging as the breakthrough to drive the overall improvement of the grade of fruit packaging

take the fruit scale management body as the guide, and lead the fruit packaging to a higher level

after China's accession to the WTO, the continuous changes in the domestic and international markets and the rapid development of the rural economy, the connection between the decentralized management of thousands of households and the large market, the contradiction between the small scale of fruit farmers' management and the development of fruit industrialization, large-scale and brand have gradually emerged, which has become a restrictive factor for the fruit packaging industry to reach a new level. People in thousands of households cannot become the main body leading fruit packaging. According to the current situation of the main fruit producing areas, the main body should be those fruit scale operators, including large production households and organized production villages (fruit tree associations). These economies of scale, production, packaging, 2015nbsp; The sales integration of rubber and plastic and innovative materials application seminar has a strong economic foundation, good business philosophy, strong scientific and technological awareness, packaging awareness and market awareness, and it is easy to realize the close connection between production and market. In short, they have both economic and material foundation, as well as spiritual and cultural pursuit. These characteristics are the necessary conditions to realize the exquisite packaging of fruits, especially to create famous brand packaging. When these large-scale business entities develop to a certain extent, their internal pursuit of profits and investment will urge them to cooperate with more and more farmers in nearby orchards or production bases, implement their own production standards and technical requirements, purchase qualified fruits, enter the market after unified labeling and packaging, and imitate the concept of labeling and packaging in industry. When there are enough large-scale business entities, the image of high-quality fruits and high-end brand-name packaging will go deep into the psychology of consumers, thus driving the overall packaging sales and market share of the main fruit producing areas

adapt to the market requirements, and pay attention to "one large and one small" two kinds of packaging

from the development of fruit packaging in fruit producing areas and the domestic and international fruit market dynamics, there are two obvious development directions for fruit packaging at present, one is the "big" nature of packaging, the other is the "small" nature. Small fine packaging is mainly aimed at supermarkets and economically developed cities. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, small packaging has been accepted by more and more consumers, leading the new trend of fruit packaging. Large packaging is mainly used as the turnover packaging of fruits. Most foreign fruit merchants only take fruit packaging as a protective measure in the transportation process. After the fruits arrive at the sales market and port, fruit merchants will carry out miniaturization packaging again according to the different consumer groups and the specific requirements of export trade, and adopt independent brands to realize marketing value-added. In short, in the specific operation of these two types of fruit packaging, we should master the target requirements, market requirements and material requirements of fruit packaging, and quickly respond to the market, so as to actually become the "profit source" of the fruit production and marketing chain

create green packaging and reflect the ecological concept

green packaging conforms to the consumption trend of ecology, environmental protection and health, and is the future development direction of fruit packaging. The green packaging of fruits should consider whether it is conducive to saving resources, energy, manpower, material resources and circulation forces; Whether it will pollute the fruit, the environment, the operators in all circulation links and fruit consumers; Whether it is conducive to recycling, recycling or recycling, it should also comply with the requirements of the environmental protection regulations of the international corrugated iron carton Union, that is, corrugated products should not be covered with film or otherwise treated, and can be directly pulped and papermaked. In practice, the fruit packaging industry in the main fruit producing areas should pay attention to the selection of recyclable and pollution-free packaging materials, and gradually realize the green packaging of fruits. Edible film packaging (i.e. waxing) is a kind of green fruit packaging method gradually rising in recent years. According to the research, the water-soluble composite film made of carboxymethyl cellulose and fatty acid ester emulsion and another film with similar composition containing high proportion of short chain unsaturated fatty acid esters can improve the resistance of fruits to some fungal decay, delay the change of fruit color, maintain the acidity and hardness of fruits, have a semi permeable barrier effect on gas and water vapor, and can replace synthetic packaging materials, Improve or even replace modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging technology. At present, this technology is widely used in some developed countries, but it is rarely used in China. If waxing technology is widely promoted and applied, it will play a huge role in promoting high-quality fruits to go abroad and enter the international market

make full use of resource advantages, it is suggested to develop high-end packaging carton enterprises

the packaging industry is currently internationally recognized as a sunrise industry. According to the calculation, one truck of paper can produce five trucks of cartons. The high freight determines that the supply area of carton manufacturers will not be too large, and there is resistance to cross regional circulation. At present, most of the packaging enterprises in the main fruit producing areas mainly produce low-grade materials and low-grade packaging with low added value, and their paper-making raw materials are mainly various straw. According to market research, the main fruit producing areas have a wide range of fruit tree branches, which can be used as raw materials for high-grade wood pulp paper. Wood pulp paper can be used to manufacture high-grade cartons, paper, fruit bags, etc., and the market prospect is good

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