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Analysis on the quality problems of plastic packaging bags for instant noodles

instant noodles is a brilliant pearl in the world food industry in the 20th century. It has been rated as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century and has become an international convenience food. Why is instant noodles so charming and attractive? The biggest features are convenience, good taste, low price and long storage life. With instant noodles, there are also bread, sandwiches, biscuits and puffed food. Compared with these foods, instant noodles are superior in price, convenience, taste, nutrition, safety and health and many other aspects. It not only caters to the fast-paced pace of the times, but also greatly meets the different tastes of consumers. It is economical and affordable, so it is favored by consumers at home and abroad

today, when food safety problems are frequently exposed, instant noodles have not escaped this disaster. Recently, a brand of instant noodles has been exposed that the acid value of the product exceeds the standard, which will lead to the taste change of the product. If the acid value is too high, it will lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and liver damage. According to experts' analysis, there may be many reasons for the over standard acid value of instant noodles: instant noodles are fried foods, and they are placed in an aerobic environment. If the quality of the oil used is poor, or they are not replaced and recycled for a long time, they may cause the over standard acid value; In addition, instant noodles generally need to add preservatives, such as citric acid, benzoic acid, etc. If the preservative is added too much, the acid value may be too high; Edible oil itself is animal or vegetable oil. During storage, factors such as long time and high temperature will lead to the oxidation of oil and the production of fatty acids. If the quality of oil is poor, it is easier to deteriorate

labthink Languang (Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.), as an excellent supplier of packaging testing instruments and testing services, combined with its own technology and testing experience, has sorted out a set of quality control solutions for instant noodles packaging and storage for enterprises, hoping to help instant noodles manufacturers carry out testing and control in packaging and storage and ensure the reliability of product quality, Reduce unnecessary economic losses of enterprises

I. finishing quality requirements of instant noodles packaging

the quality requirements of instant noodles for packaging and materials mainly come from functional requirements, including safety factors such as oxygen resistance, moisture resistance, light protection, sealing, odor (solvent residue), etc. at the same time, it is also necessary to evaluate its printing and machine-based universal material experimental functions, such as mechanical properties, heat sealing properties, surface smoothness, printing quality, etc. In order to meet the above requirements, instant noodle enterprises must carefully select reasonable packaging materials, and do a good job in the quality inspection and control of incoming materials, production and processing, delivery and other processes according to relevant standards and specifications, so as to ensure the reliability of product quality

II. Important control indicators of instant noodle packaging quality

1. Barrier indicators such as oxygen resistance and moisture resistance

instant noodles are fried and dry foods, which are very prone to oxidative deterioration, moisture softening and mildew. Once oxidized, it is easy to produce fatty acids, resulting in excessive acid value; Moisture will affect the taste of faeces, leading to deterioration or even mildew, and then cause quality accidents in the consumption process. Therefore, instant noodle manufacturers must strengthen the testing of oxygen and moisture resistance of packaging materials. At present, domestic instant noodle enterprises have deficiencies in laboratory construction and the configuration of testing instruments, which is easy to cause the lack of control on important indicators such as barrier, and there are hidden risks

(1) detection of gas and oxygen resistance

because instant noodles are prone to oxidation and deterioration, the detection of oxygen resistance of packaging materials is particularly important. Combined with this characteristic, the oxygen resistance performance of packaging materials can be tested and controlled. The ox2/230 oxygen transmittance test system of Labthink blue light adopts the isobaric method test principle, and the test accuracy is high. It can detect the oxygen transmittance of three different packaging materials at the same time, which greatly improves the test efficiency; If the enterprise needs to control the permeability of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases, it can choose VAC series differential pressure gas permeability meter to meet the detection needs of customers for different gas permeability

(2) detection of moisture resistance performance

moisture resistance and moisture resistance are important means to solve the problem of moisture and mildew deterioration of instant noodles, so this index needs to be controlled. It is generally required that the moisture permeability test of food packaging materials is convenient. Mr. Zhao Honghan, the Secretary General of China unsaturated resin Association and an industry expert, spoke highly of the research and development center after visiting it. Using the weighing method principle, Labthink Languang's w3/060 water vapor transmission test system implements the gb1037 cup method test standard, and adopts the six chamber independent test design, which can fully meet the customers' moisture permeability test of packaging materials

2. Safety and odor indicators

safety indicators mainly include hygiene and solvent residue. Hygienic indicators mainly focus on the detection of lead, antimony and other metal elements in the evaporation residue, as well as the total number of bacteria and Escherichia coli

solvent residue is a problem that packaging suppliers and instant noodle enterprises need to solve together, and it must be controlled from the original head of packaging processing, mainly from compound glue, printing ink and solvent. Once the solvent residue exceeds the standard, it will cause serious harm to the health of consumers. The detection of solvent purity and solvent residue must be carried out by professional gas chromatograph to completely eliminate potential safety hazards. The gc-7800 special gas chromatograph of Labthink Languang can be selected for control

solvent residue will produce peculiar smell, which can directly lead to consumers' recognition and purchase of products. Of course, the peculiar smell also exists in the film itself. This problem also needs to attract the attention of packaging suppliers and instant noodle enterprises, and it is necessary to analyze the odor of raw materials

3. Detection of sealing performance of instant noodles packaging

instant noodles is a product that is easy to absorb moisture and easy to oxidize and deteriorate. In addition to controlling the oxygen and water vapor resistance of packaging materials, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of packaging bags and avoid air leakage, so as to avoid product leakage and even product corruption. The poor sealing performance mainly comes from the sealing part, so the focus of sealing inspection should be on whether the sealing part has leakage

(1) efficient qualitative detection of the sealing performance of instant noodle packaging

at present, enterprises mostly use qualitative detection methods, that is, rapid detection according to gb/t15171 standard. This detection method is the principle of negative pressure. The packaging bag is placed in the vacuum tank containing water of mfy-01 sealing tester, and the vacuum tank is vacuumized to generate negative pressure. Under the effect of the pressure difference inside and outside the packaging bag, it is judged by manual visual inspection, If there are continuous bubbles, it is judged as leakage. The advantage of this method is that the test is efficient, but it can not achieve quantitative detection

(2) quantitative detection of the sealing performance of instant noodles packaging

the sealing performance detection should simulate the damage or leakage of products due to external pressure during circulation and shelf, and the positive pressure method should be used to quantitatively detect the sealing performance. Lssd-01 leakage and sealing strength tester with positive pressure method can realize the quantitative detection of the rupture strength of instant noodle packaging bags and the leakage measured at constant pressure. In addition, it can also be used for the tightness detection of unsealed packaging through different additional devices

4. Inspection of packaging and printing quality

the beautiful printing of packaging is one of the factors that cause consumers to purchase. It has relatively high requirements for packaging and printing quality, with large amount of information, fine words, rich and uniform colors. The quality of product packaging and printing directly affects consumers' trust in products. If you want to ensure the bright appearance quality, you need to control the printing quality

(1) color control

in color printing, it is necessary to distinguish colors manually, which often produces different evaluations due to different lighting environments or printing quality problems due to the phenomenon of same color and different spectrum. Equipped with standard light sources can effectively avoid such problems. Sps-80t double light source color matching plate viewing platform is fully satisfied with all walks of life, such as printing, paint making, ink, plastic, printing and dyeing. Aluminum alloy connector products involving color and the performance of aluminum alloy core cable are consistent. With aluminum alloy cable, it is widely used for observation and color matching, and can be applied to various printing operations

(2) ink layer combination fastness and wear resistance test

the falling off of the printing ink layer of the packaging will seriously affect the product image, and even affect the trust of consumers in the product quality. This test can effectively prevent the phenomenon of the falling off of the printing ink layer of the packaging caused by friction in the process of transportation. Labthink's mcj-01a friction tester can "Browse" the electronic parts on the load unit and RT-01 friction tester, which can be used for the wear resistance test of the coating on the printing surface, and effectively analyze the problems such as the friction resistance of printing materials and the poor hardness of the coating; Ygj-02 adhesive tape rolling machine is used in conjunction with blj-02 disc peel testing machine. It is suitable for testing the binding fastness of printing ink layers on plastic films and cellophane upholstery prints (including composite film prints) produced by gravure printing process. It can also be used to test the adhesion state of the surface layer formed by vacuum coating, surface coating, lamination and other related processes

the above contents are described from the aspects of the barrier property, sealing, (odor) solvent residue and printing quality of instant noodle packaging. At the same time, it is also necessary to test and control the machine performance, such as mechanical performance, heat sealing performance, surface smoothness and so on, so as to ensure the reliable product quality. Labthink Languang hopes to enhance exchanges and communication with instant noodle enterprises and jointly promote the standardization of industrial testing standards and the popularization of testing applications

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