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Analysis on the recent market trend of some raw materials in Southwest China


the market fluctuated and rose, and the price rose by a big margin. The market price of pure benzene is 9100 ~ 9200 yuan (ton price, the same below), that of toluene is 9100 ~ 9300 yuan, and that of xylene is 8700 ~ 9000 yuan. Pure benzene manufacturers raised their quotations, traders were optimistic about the market, and the market price continued to rise, but the demand did not follow up synchronously, and buyers' purchase intention was insufficient; The market trend of toluene and xylene was strong. Due to the widespread sentiment, the offer was rapidly raised, the sellers were reluctant to sell obviously, and the spot quantity in the market was reduced. In the aftermarket, the shortage of supply and the expected increase in demand supported the continued strength of the market

phthalic anhydride

the market trend is relatively stable, the price is gradually rising, and the market quotation is 9800 ~ 9950 yuan. Recently, the downstream demand is relatively stable, and the supplier price has increased, driving the market price upward. Downstream demand is relatively stable, user purchases increased slightly, traders shipped normally, and prices rose slowly. In the aftermarket, the market continued to consolidate under the condition that the manufacturer's quotation remained stable

the market atmosphere is stalemate, and the price is gradually weakening. The market quotation is 14100 ~ 14150 yuan. Recently, some manufacturers have lowered their ex factory prices, and the market is full of bearish sentiment. Coupled with the current sufficient supply, buyers are cautious in purchasing, and the transaction is very light. Although the traders have the intention of shipping, there is no obvious price reduction for the time being. In the future, the market price will gradually decline and the market will further weaken


the market transaction is poor, and the price continues to fall. The market quotation is 9200 ~ 9250 yuan. Recently, the manufacturer has reduced the quotation, which has put some pressure on the market holders, and the shipment intention has increased. The downstream market is relatively stable, buyers are cautious and wait-and-see, and transactions are weak. Affected by the weakness of the market and the decline of ex factory price, the market price has gradually declined. In the aftermarket, the market will still weaken under the impact of downstream demand gradually entering the off-season and imported goods


the market trend is strong, the price is stable and rising, and the market quotation is 2000 ~ 2100 yuan. Most formaldehyde plants in Sichuan were shut down due to the earthquake, while the price of raw methanol continued to rise, resulting in the rise of formaldehyde Market in some regions. However, the manufacturer's quotation is relatively stable, the purchase intention of downstream enterprises continues to change little, and the shipment of traders is normal. In the future, the downstream is subject to cost pressure and has strong resistance to high priced raw materials. However, the rise of raw materials has strong support, which limits the rise and fall of formaldehyde prices except for the initial report in 2002

acetic acid

the market trend is stable, and the price has increased. It can be seen that the experimental machine is a kind of equipment that plays a very important role in production activities. The market quotation is 5600 ~ 5650 yuan. Recently, some domestic units have been shut down for maintenance, which has reduced the overall supply pressure to a certain extent. However, the production of main acetic acid plants in Southwest China is normal, the supply of goods is relatively stable, the downstream demand is relatively flat, and the trading volume is small. Traders maintain a cautious attitude. In the aftermarket, the market is dominated by horizontal consolidation

polyvinyl alcohol

the market atmosphere was flat, and the price gradually fell. The market quotation was 19700 ~ 19900 yuan. The recent market transactions are relatively weak, the trend of the downstream market is weak, the number of users entering the market is not large, the market supply is relatively loose, traders' shipments slow down, and the price trend weakens. In the future, when the demand is relatively flat, the market will fluctuate and weaken

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