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Analysis of the profit points of IOT enterprises in 2013

we are looking forward to some successful or failed examples in this crazy IOT world. After all, this large industry needs us to explore, and many examples tell us that successful or failed exploration will bring about the development of the industry. Examples will not be cited, because they are everywhere. Here, I pay tribute to those compatriots who are struggling in the IOT industry. It is you who have promoted the development of China's IOT industry, and it is your support that leads to the existence of industry media like us. Today's theme may not be as serious as it used to be, but I hope you can listen to my point of view. It doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong, accurate or inaccurate. What matters is your existence

1: Mobile Internet will explode

the beginning of mobile Internet is due to intelligence. Intelligence is now your camera, your player, your flashlight, your navigator, and you can listen to music by connecting the speaker, The connection handle can play games, and the connection sensor can help you control household appliances remotely. With the rapid development of intelligence and 3G, mobile Internet has also ushered in explosive growth. Next, with the development of wireless communication technology and the growth of intelligent end users (especially intelligent users), the gold mine of mobile Internet in China will become larger and larger, which will provide more opportunities and challenges for participants in the whole industrial chain

2: operators will play a major role

now operators are providing channel products. For IOT industry, pipeline service is the foundation and the most basic demand of the industrial chain for basic telecom operators. Next, operators need to complete the following work on the basis of existing communication products: first, operators will build or improve information operation support platforms, provide unified management for IOT terminals, and provide standard interfaces for various application development. Secondly, establish a unified terminal coding system to lay the foundation for information sharing and interconnection by taking advantage of national policy support and its own developed private economy; Thirdly, establish an exclusive tariff system. Machine communication is completely different from human-to-human interactive communication in the traffic model. It is necessary for telecom operators to provide a more flexible tariff system for IOT to meet the needs of business development. During this period, telecom operators should focus on extensive cooperation and active pilot to find a group of reliable partners at all levels of the industrial chain, which will be a great opportunity for IOT enterprises

3: cloud computing big data has sprung up

in the past few years, the rise of cloud computing has always been a hot topic in the field of science and technology. With the global economy falling into recession, the demand for companies to control costs is increasing day by day. Whether to outsource business processes through the cloud has become a topic of increasing concern for managers. Under this trend, whether as a real-time tool or as a measure to cope with the economic recession, the use of cloud computing is growing. On December 13, 2012, under the guidance of the Zhongguancun Management Committee, the Zhongguancun big data forum co organized by Beijing cloud base announced that the day was Zhongguancun big data day, and also released three industrial investment funds, namely, cloud angel fund, zhongyun Huirong fund and big data laboratory incubation fund, Zhongguancun big data industry alliance was established. According to the prediction of relevant data, the guidance on the development of cloud computing industry will also be issued soon. Insiders also generally said that once the guidance is issued, it will further promote the development of China's cloud computing industry, and is expected to make corporate clouds and individuals profitable in this field

4: Car Union will usher in development

imagine that every household has a 1909 Ford Model T, and these cars are connected with each other. Henry Ford wrote in his autobiography: any customer can paint their cars in any color, as long as they are black. Ford wrote this ten years ago. But in a few years, Tianjin Plastic Research Institute Co., Ltd. in the automotive industry will have another crazy transformation with 5000 square meters of clean room facilities. Recently, we have heard more and more discussions about car couplets, which may be due to the Diaoyu Islands and the new traffic regulations. (note that I am not talking about cars with Bluetooth function here.) what we are looking forward to is more on-board modules, which will provide functions such as diagnosis, vehicle tracking/management, insurance business, safety/monitoring system, etc. The technology and production used in this car service product will drive the development of a number of enterprises other than automobile manufacturers, don't you think

tyvek cargo transportation thermal insulation cover effectively protects drugs from failure due to changes in ambient temperature during transportation after it leaves the factory. 5: smart city - can we share a share?

smart city is the support of a new generation of information technology, which is based on the application of a new generation of information technology such as IOT and cloud computing, as well as tools and methods such as wiki, social networking, Fablab, livinglab, and integrated method. According to the requirements of the notice on carrying out national smart city pilot work issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development at the end of 2012, the application for smart city pilot work in China has been officially launched. Smart city will be the most popular and supported by the government in the next few years. For IOT enterprises, those who can obtain special funds from the state or cooperate with the government to set up projects will earn both fame and wealth

finally, from the perspective of industry development, it has been the elite who have been promoting the development of the IOT industry, and now the IOT industry has gradually begun the era of summoning heroes. The emergence of heroes will greatly promote the industry. 2. From the perspective of service performance, Jinan experimental machine: Development, and the climax of the IOT industry must be the model of moving from hero driven to mass driven. Although the time for industry players to make money has not come yet, we believe that the explosion period of the industry will soon come, and the popularity of IOT is not far away

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