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The past 2007 was still a high-level year for China's building curtain wall industry. According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics of China, the investment in fixed assets of the whole society increased by 25% in the first three quarters of 2007. 7%, and the total output value of the construction industry increased by 22. 7%, income increased by 26. 6%, with a total profit of 65.8 billion yuan, and the revenue profit margin increased from 2% in the same period last year. 09% to 2 in this period. 38%; The confidence index of entrepreneurs in the construction industry and the industry prosperity index rose at a high level; Foreign contracted projects also maintained a rapid growth rate: the turnover completed in 2007 was US $29.3 billion, an increase of 26. 3%, with the newly signed contract amount of US $51.7 billion, an increase of 12. 9%。

the curtain wall industry in China has also grown from scratch, from small to large, blossoming inside and outside, with frequent highlights. With the construction of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games venues in full swing and the emergence of a large number of landmark buildings around, various curtain wall projects have sprung up. Large projects with world-class influence in the global construction field, such as the "Water Cube", "bird's nest" and the new site building of CCTV, all adopt the curtain wall production and processing application technology with the highest scientific and technological content, the most difficult construction and the best energy-saving effect in the world. Even Kaichen square, an office building project on Chang'an Street in Beijing, has its own intelligent ecological narrow body breathing glass curtain wall with an external facade of about 50000 square meters, which has set a world record for the use of this technology

the cumulative number of domestic shared bicycles is about 16million. While the highlights of the domestic curtain wall market are frequent, some powerful enterprises have set their sights on the world. After "testing the water" in the overseas market, these leaders in the curtain wall field have not only mastered the international rules of the game, but also won the trust of construction institutions in many countries in the world. Therefore, curtain wall projects led by Chinese people with yellow skin and black eyes are increasingly appearing all over the world. For example, Dubai Princess tower, a world leading high-rise apartment building built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is fully responsible for the curtain wall design, production, transportation, construction and other work by Beijing Jiayu door, window and curtain wall Co., Ltd. if there is still any doubt. It is reported that in 2007, the total amount of overseas engineering contracts of 10 curtain wall enterprises in China alone reached 8billion yuan. It is not difficult to see the strong trend of the expansion and development of the curtain wall industry to overseas markets. It is precisely because of the full flowering of domestic and international markets that China has become a real curtain wall production and use country

throughout 2007, there are many aspects that reflect the word "health". First, the backbone enterprises in the industry have played a flagship role, leading the industry to move forward rapidly along the path of sustainable development. In the middle of November, 2007, the 2006 top 50 enterprises of China building curtain wall were born. It is with the leading role of these backbone enterprises that the curtain wall industry can move forward steadily in the increasingly fierce market competition environment. In 2007, the average output value of the top 50 curtain walls reached 4. 600million yuan, an increase of 27% over the previous year. The operation step at this time is to cut off the output signal of the opener unit first. The output value of the top 50 curtain wall enterprises has accounted for 35% of the total output value of the curtain wall industry

will this high-level operation continue until 2008? The driving potential of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" development demand for investment and construction has not been fully released. The high-level operation in 2007 will maintain a certain growth inertia in early 2008, so it is expected that the construction industry will still operate at a high level in 2008. However, affected by the slight drop in the growth rate of fixed asset investment, the growth rate of output value and profit of the construction industry will also fall slightly, just as the same law shown by the data in 2007: driven by the demand brought by the high housing prices and urbanization, the investment in real estate development will still grow at a high speed; The high expectation of industrial profit margin makes the willingness and ability of industrial investment remain strong. Due to the government's control of new projects and the implementation of credit tightening policies, the growth rate of fixed asset investment will be slightly reversed, but it will still maintain a growth rate of about 23%; The decline in the proportion of loans in the source of funds will relatively reduce the intensity of credit policy regulation

when the overall situation is still optimistic, experts remind us to see another set of statistical data: in 2007, the growth rate of fixed asset investment in the East was 22. 2%, lower than the middle 36. 1% and 30 in the West. 5%, and the pattern of the largest scale of fixed assets in the eastern region was broken. For a long time, due to the cascade distribution of fixed asset investment in the East, middle and West, the gross output value of the domestic construction industry also shows the same cascade distribution law. Although the total amount of fixed investment since the eleventh five year plan still shows the gradient distribution pattern in the East, middle and West, the growth rate in the central and western regions is constantly improving. This means that those construction enterprises with a wide range of business areas can enjoy growth in different regions and avoid risks in a single region. The prospects of enterprises that successfully extend to new growth regions in 2008 will be more worthy of expectation and their future growth will be more guaranteed

the Yangtze River Delta has a long-term positive outlook, the Bohai rim has reached a new high, the Pan Pearl River Delta has a broad prospect, and the central and western regions continue to rise All these advantages make us full of confidence in China's building curtain wall market in 2008

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