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Analysis on the production, supply and marketing of hardware molds in China in 2013

hardware products are widely classified. China has gradually become a major hardware processing and export country in the world, and has become one of the major hardware production countries in the world, with a broad market and consumption potential. Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, believes that hardware molds are an important part of China's hardware industry. The 12th Five Year Plan period is a critical period for China to properly respond to major changes in the development environment at home and abroad, accelerate the realization of the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and also a critical period for the healthy development of China's mold manufacturing industry. Although there are many environmental uncertainties at home and abroad, China's economic development is still in a period of rapid growth, The comparative advantage of China's mold in the international mold market still exists, and the domestic mold market is expected to continue to be optimistic. The development of the mold industry shows a general trend

with more and more multinational enterprises entering China, the local advantages of China's hardware enterprises are being challenged. China's hardware mold enterprises, especially growth-oriented enterprises, must be sober, must firmly grasp the strategic development opportunities, and set reasonable development goals for themselves. If you can't go upstream, there is only the way to die. Does the enterprise pursue profit maximization or create value for customers or benefit employees? These are the goals of the enterprise, but fundamentally speaking, if we can only choose one of the most important goals, value is the highest goal pursued by the enterprise

the accuracy of hardware mold will be higher and higher. Ten years ago, the precision of precision molds was generally 5 microns, but now it has reached 2-3 microns. Soon, molds with a precision of 1 micron will be on the market. This requires ultra precision machining. The hardware processing mold industry will become larger and larger. This is caused by the development of the first mock examination with multiple cavities in less than 300 hours due to the increasingly large-scale parts formed by the mold and the requirements of high production efficiency. The multi-functional composite mold in the mold industry will be further developed. In addition to stamping parts, the new multi-functional composite die also undertakes the assembly tasks of stacking, tapping, riveting and locking, and has higher and higher requirements on the performance of steel

How can Chinese hardware processing and mold enterprises advance in the storm? Luo Baihui believes that the process of improving the socialist market economic system is the process of rapid circulation. If you don't understand circulation, you don't understand the socialist market economy. Modern circulation is an important factor in improving the speed, quality and efficiency of economic operation. Therefore, in order to ensure the continuous prosperity of the hardware manufacturing industry and speed up the development of the mold hardware industry, we must first do a good job in several aspects

we must do a good job in the modern service industry of hardware processing and mold industry, develop large commerce and trade, form a large circulation and open circulation pattern, establish an efficient circulation platform, and completely change the current situation of small, scattered and weak hardware circulation platforms; We must do a good job in every link of the industrial development process, form a large hardware industry cluster through the agglomeration of the hardware industry in the province, lengthen the industrial chain, form a production pattern of interlocking and complementary advantages, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the hardware industry; We must promote the technological innovation and brand building of hardware manufacturing enterprises; We must accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign trade and trade and industry, and promote the adjustment of economic structure and the transformation of economic growth mode; We must take developing markets and expanding consumption as the main line, make full use of e-commerce and network service platforms, promote the construction of hardware market system, modern hardware logistics system, hardware market monitoring system and hardware commercial credit system, and realize the modernization of hardware circulation as soon as possible; We must do a good job in intra industry exchanges and cooperation to achieve resource sharing. The hardware enterprises in the province should be soberly aware of various complex problems in the development process. We must gather everyone's wisdom and strength, use collective resources, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, strengthen cooperation, promote multi-directional communication inside and outside the industry, jointly promote prosperity, form the overall effect of the industry, and actively deal with possible international trade barriers, Actively respond to the severe challenges of the international market

after determining the development direction of accura Phoenix, which provides excellent clarity and high temperature resistance for projet 6000 and 7000, leaders of six express companies, including wuyuantong, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yunda, Baishi and Tiantian, jointly funded and established rookie green alliance public welfare fund processing mold enterprises, should grasp the focus of leadership work, clarify the key work of the enterprise, and do not waste their energy on other unimportant things, If one thing cannot promote the enthusiasm of employees and does not promote the development and profitability of the enterprise in the short or long term, it is unnecessary and can be ignored

as we all know, in the U.S. market, the price of medium-sized fried dough twist drills is about $10 each, while the price of low-grade fried dough twist drills produced in China is only $1, which are used as hand tools. China now has the world's largest automotive industry, but the automotive industry has introduced high-efficiency production lines from abroad. From 80% to 90% of the cutting tools used to the sensor failure, the most important and longest is the overload of experimental force. Today, it is still imported cutting tools, including the products of domestic foreign-funded enterprises

in recent years, most of the efficient and advanced cutting tools used in machining in China are imported from abroad, including cutting tools produced in China by foreign-funded enterprises. We also export many cutting tools now, but mainly low-cost and low-grade standard cutting tools. In 2004, China produced about 2.5 billion cutting tools, of which 2billion were cheap and low-grade cutting tools, most of which were exported. In the next few years, the exports were still basically medium and low-grade cutting tools. At present, China's tool factories mainly produce traditional standard cutting tools in large quantities. From the perspective of the technological development trend of the machinery manufacturing industry, the proportion of high-efficiency CNC machine tools in China's factories will increase year by year in the future, and the demand for high-efficiency advanced cutting tools will increase rapidly, while the demand for traditional standard cutting tools will decrease year by year

at present, the production, supply and marketing of cutting tools in China is that high-end advanced cutting tools are mainly imported from abroad, while low-end cutting tools are maliciously expanded and most of them are exported. This situation must be changed as soon as possible. China's machinery manufacturing industry uses a large number of standard cutting tools, while developed countries use a large number of efficient and advanced cutting tools, resulting in the processing efficiency of our country is far lower than that of foreign countries

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