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The price of plastic PE in Qilu Chemical industry city continued to fall

today, the PE market price in Qilu Chemical industry city continued to fall slightly today. Some merchants with high supply costs were more willing to ship goods, most of them were buyers and onlookers, and the transaction was weak. " At present, the price of film material 2100tn00 in LDPE is quoted at 11600 yuan/ton, film material 2102tn26 is quoted at 11030 yuan/ton, film material 2102t7 is quoted at 10500 yuan/ton (unavailable) to ensure that the equipment circuit has a good grounding state, ll new reinforcement materials such as inorganic whisker reinforcement and carbon fiber reinforced Pa will become important varieties, DPE film material 7042 is quoted at 11080 yuan/ton, and HDPE film material 6098 is quoted at 11630 yuan/ton

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