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Qilu has been leading high-rise buildings for 10 years. In March, all glass curtain walls for exterior walls were completed.

Wanbang center, which aims to build a leading high-rise building in Shandong Province, has been under construction for more than a year. How is the current progress? Yesterday, the site visit saw that two buildings have been erected, and more than half of the crystal glass curtain walls on the external walls have been installed. According to the current progress, the whole project will be fully completed in March next year. After completion, the overall height of Building 1 will reach more than 240 meters, making it the leading high-rise building in Shandong Province

walking on Hong Kong Middle Road, before reaching the intersection of Yan'an Third Road, you can see the towering Wanbang center in the distance. The main body of the 30 storey apartment building in the West has already been completed, and the glass curtain wall

has also been basically installed. Next to the apartment building is a 51 storey office building, which will not affect the hardness of the product itself. "The main body will be completed soon, and the construction is close to the top floor." Manager Wu of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, the Construction Party of the project, told us that while the main body is under construction, the overall progress of the project is accelerated through sectional acceptance. At present, the installation of glass curtain wall is fast to 18 floors, and experimental studies on heavy oil, coal tar, oil coal slurry hydrogenation and so on are mainly carried out

"the outer walls of the Wanbang center are all glass curtain walls. Finally, the inclined steel frame in the appearance will be used to form a towering multi inclined crystal column, which looks like crystal glass from the appearance." Manager Wu said that the podium part adopts a relatively practical approach, like a solid crystal base, which complements the blue sea. After the main body of the office building is completed, the construction of the commercial podium on the base will begin

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