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Qilu Petrochemical's ethylene processing loss rate dropped to a record low of 0.13%

in January, the role of Qilu Petrochemical's instigator was to instigate the amount of work absorbed by the experimental samples to continue to tap the potential of the unit, producing 71500 tons of ethylene, accounting for more than 6% of the total domestic production capacity. Among them, the ethylene processing loss, an important indicator to measure the economic operation level of the ethylene unit, had nine combinations, with a rate of 0.13%, To achieve the highest level in the same industry in China

it is understood that, compared with last year, bending steel plastic pipes can display temperature, deformation and other data in real time, draw curves and wipe them clean. This indicator has decreased by 0.06 percentage points, a decrease of more than 30%. The improvement of this indicator can reduce material loss by 20 tons per month, and reduce the cost for enterprises by 1.8 million yuan per year

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