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Interpretation of zhanboluo global research: China is one of the most important markets in the era of "digital convergence"

recently, zhanboluo officially released the relevant results of a comprehensive global market research. The survey covered 16 countries and studied the readiness attitudes of businesses and consumers in the era of digital convergence. The results show that enterprises and consumer users regard digital polymerization as an inevitable and positive social development trend since it was first used in the metal field, and they all believe that it can bring many benefits. Among all the countries and regions covered by this research, China has significant particularity and will become one of the most important markets in the era of digital convergence

the era of digital convergence is approaching, and the overall global attitude is positive.

digital convergence sounds like a young concept, but in fact it is close at hand. Now, both consumers and enterprises have quite positive attitudes towards it. In the era of digital convergence, network-based, predictable and automated super services will gradually improve user behavior and achieve better decisions, thereby enriching the lives of individuals and enterprises

among the consumers interviewed, more than 60% believe that with the emergence of super services through digital convergence, the energy consumption will be improved. In the next five years, the integration and automation level of services and applications will continue to improve, and their living environment will become more intelligent. 58% of consumers believe that more intelligent services in daily life will bring benefits of saving time; 43% of consumers believe that intelligent services will be able to provide more useful information and make more informed decisions; 27% believe that intelligent services can also help them reduce the cost of living. When choosing smart devices, more than half of consumers said that safety is one of the most important considerations; More than three quarters of consumers regard trust and brand as important considerations

according to the survey data, enterprises are more optimistic about digital convergence than consumers in some aspects. Business service innovation and human resource management are the key to the development of modern enterprises. More than 90% of the surveyed enterprises believe that digital aggregation can help enterprises in these aspects. About 60% of enterprises believe that the improvement of automation and control capabilities and productivity may be the greatest benefit to enterprises from the installation and maintenance of digital polymer testing machines. In addition, 51% of the enterprises surveyed believed that the improvement of customer experience within the organization would also benefit from digital aggregation. Although 66% of enterprise respondents believe that security and compliance are the biggest risk factors for digital convergence, more enterprises say that in the face of a large number of smart devices with new access to network infrastructure, they will not deal with security issues by limiting the number of devices, but will manage smart devices more effectively based on pragmatic principles

see differences in the data, and look for opportunities in the differences

in this survey of enterprises and consumers' attitudes towards the readiness of the era of digital convergence, the survey data in China are similar to the global situation in general, but also reflect their differences in some aspects. Among the surveyed countries, the average number of smart home devices owned by most western countries is higher than that of Asian countries, and the average number of smart devices owned by Chinese surveyed consumers is 3.89, lower than the global average of 4.1. Chinese consumers surveyed also have lower expectations that their lives will become more intelligent in the next five years. 42% of Chinese consumers surveyed have a positive attitude towards this, while in the UAE, the country with the most positive attitude, the figure is 75%. In terms of enterprises, nearly half (47%) of the surveyed enterprises worldwide need to increase investment in new smart devices, expand and purchase equipment for the original network infrastructure. China, India and the United States have been most affected in this regard

the results of data analysis reflect the uncertainty of the Chinese market, and the localization rate of 30% and 0% also makes the market space of China's high-end materials broad, and the opportunity lies precisely in these differences, because the gap not only explains the current situation, but also an evaluation and outlook on the future market space. China not only has a considerable consumer base, but also has many dynamic scientific and technological innovation enterprises developing rapidly in the torrent of the market. With the rapid development of consumer awareness and demand, their demand and requirements for intelligent devices are gradually increasing, which also promotes the optimization and improvement of network infrastructure. Provide consumers with more safe, reliable and reliable smart device choices, optimize network infrastructure, and create a network environment that can adapt to the access of more smart devices, so as to realize super services. By letting consumers truly experience the benefits of smart devices in saving life time and economic costs and improving security, they further enhance their vision of confidence in the era of digital convergence

when it comes to digital aggregation, rami Rahim, CEO of zhanboluo, once said: the future is very interesting and exciting. Our future depends on the current performance of all of us. I am very excited about this, not only because zhanboluo can participate in and use current technology to promote development, but also because we have the opportunity to influence and change the world in which we live. These developments will also benefit all of us in the future

it is not difficult to see that digital aggregation is the direction of many leading innovative enterprises in the related industries in the network field, and zhanboluo is also among them. I believe that zhanboluo can work with many excellent enterprises to create a more intelligent and better life in the era of digital convergence in the broad prospects of the Chinese market

about global research

chambro commissioned loudhouse research to investigate more than 4800 consumers and senior information technology decision makers from Australia/New Zealand, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and the United Kingdom. The survey was conducted in January 2017, and the respondents included more than 100 information technology decision makers and more than 200 consumer respondents in each country. The age range of respondents is even larger, ranging from 18 to 65 years old. The size of the organization of the information technology decision-makers involved in the survey is as small as 251 to 1000 people (53%), and as large as more than 1000 people (47%). The industry areas covered by the survey include public sector, education, health care, retail, manufacturing and information technology

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