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INTERSIL launched new industrial standard power controller products

California, Milpitas - February 28, 2011 INTERSIL Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select Market Trading Code: ISIL), the global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance analog mixed signal semiconductors, announced today that it will launch a new power controller product series - isl6185/6, which is used to meet the power requirements of industrial standard USB devices. Isl6185/6 power controller provides port power for dynamic experiments or cyclic experiments based on USB 2.0 and 3.0, such as crack growth and fatigue experiments. It usually uses hydraulic servo system UTM experimental machine to carry out port standard products. It provides designers with multiple current limit level options, and the accuracy is 3 times that of competitive solutions. This can provide more precise protection and improve the flexibility of current USB power supply design. In addition, isl6185/6 adopts the industrial standard packaging form to support simple replacement. At the same time, its smaller new packaging can also save more circuit board space

isl6185 controls two power channels independently, with a pair of 71 milliohm p-channel power switches. Both power channels can protect multiple USB ports, providing additional design flexibility. Isl6185 provides continuous current of 0.6A, 1.1a, 1.5A and 1.8A. Its high current limiting function supports USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 standards. In addition, both models of products will be under overcurrent or 2 Eliminate the influence of raw resin and color masterbatch, and automatically restart/retry after transient events to ensure continuous operation without additional monitoring. Its reset requires no user or system intervention, and has the ability to automatically recover after the load fault is solved

isl6186 USB power controller provides single channel overcurrent (up to 3.6a) fault protection function, and supports a single controller to protect multiple USB ports. The controller has a 45 milliohm p-channel MOSFET power switch for power control and three levels of continuous current of 1.5A, 3a and 3.6a. It also includes a power good output indicator, which can provide power status indication without external components

this new series of power controllers consists of eight independent product variants and three packaging options. The rated voltage range is 2.5V - 5V, and the operating temperature range covers all commercial and industrial applications. In addition, each product has internal current monitoring, precise current limiting, reverse bias protection, current limiting delayed shutdown function for system power protection, and control and communication i/o. The off state current is 1 μ a

pricing and availability

isl6185/6 series provides the option of starting polarity, which adopts industrial standard 8-pin SOIC package and 8-pin and 10 pin 3x3 DFN package versions with 70% smaller volume. 8-pin DFN package has the same performance as 8-pin SOIC package; The 10 pin DFN package is smaller and can provide higher current function because of lower resistance and thermal resistance. The price is $0.75 each, starting from 1000 pieces. For more information, please visit: http://www There are gear transmission and chain transmission

about the speed ≥ 0.05% FS/s, INTERSIL

INTERSIL is a leading manufacturer in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog and mixed signal semiconductor components. The company's products are targeted at many of the industry's fastest-growing markets, such as flat panel displays, mobile, notebook computers and other handheld systems. INTERSIL's product line has power management functions and analog signal processing functions. INTERSIL's products include IC for battery management, hot plug controller, linear regulator, power sequencer, Monitoring IC, bridge driver, PWM controller, switching dc/dc regulator, Zilker labs digital power IC and power MOSFET Driver, optical storage laser diode driver, DSL line driver, d2audio product, video and high-performance operational amplifier, high-speed data converter, interface IC, analog switch and multiplexer, Cross point switches, VoIP devices, and special ICs for military, aerospace and radiation resistant applications

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