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Interview: Lei Shidong comprehensively elaborated on Viacom's strategy in China for the first time. Viacom has a similar attitude to the group on such a big bet as the merger and acquisition of Disney, but Lei Shidong said the successor problem: I am different from Murdoch.

he chose to visit Beijing two days before the "election" in Taiwan, China, China on March 20. Summer Lei Shidong, President of Viacom, a global media giant, expressed a position with deep meaning

this move is similar to Murdoch's explicit approval of Thatcher's determination to recover the Falkland Islands in the early 1980s - when Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands and Britain fought against it - this firm position made Murdoch's subsequent mergers and acquisitions in the UK not subject to strict antitrust scrutiny

this shows that the leaders of the media kingdom are geniuses with both political and business intelligence in the final analysis. Viacom has 39 television stations in the United States and 35 groups. The audience coverage of the former is 38.5%, slightly better than the group's 37.5%. Therefore, the competition for "sky" between the two television networks has almost affected the world's audio-visual

Lei Shidong's strategic transformation from auto cinema to cable TV has achieved the media King's dream. At the same time, Murdoch bet on satellite TV. The two sides are tit for tat for this century gamble

in the program of creating their respective media kingdoms, both of them showed unique spiritual temperament: Lei Shidong's autobiography is called "passion to win", and the theme word of Murdoch's biography is only "dream". The former was born as a lawyer and traveled to shopping malls, showing more the quality of investors, such as three thrilling acquisition wars in 2009 and 2012 (acquisition of Viacom in 1987, acquisition of paramount in 1994, and acquisition of CBS in 1999); The latter's newspaper background conveys more the madness of media people, such as building satellite TV at all costs, no matter how much financial burden they carry. So what are the views of the two sides at war between "passion" and "dream" on the recently anxious Disney merger

on March 19, Mr. Lei Shidong received an exclusive interview from this newspaper at the Beijing International Club Hotel, and for the first time comprehensively expounded the strategic concept and future personnel arrangement of Viacom to the Chinese industry

talking about the clear arrangement of children for the first time

21st century: you wrote in the Chinese version of your autobiography "passion to win" that there are children working in Viacom mother. Now, Murdoch obviously wants to support Murdoch Jr. in the plastic film blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry to take over his family business with high technology - James Murdoch has been appointed as the CEO of BSkyB of Sky Broadcasting Corporation, Will your children have similar arrangements

Lei Shidong: I can bring you the latest news about my children. This is absolutely first-hand information

my son used to be in show time, but now he is a lawyer. My daughter is in charge of the company before I bought Viacom, national entertainment company, and she is indeed increasingly involved in some businesses of Viacom. For example, she recently went on a business trip with the head of Viacom Asia, went to the Australian channel, and went to Russia to establish the first multi screen screening room, and led the landing of MTV in Russia. These are all real businesses. However, there is one thing different from Murdoch - I respect Mr. Murdoch very much - I believe that professional managers should be used, which is clear. Moreover, I can tell you clearly now: my daughter will not become my heir - although one day my daughter is likely to "control" the company, she will not manage it herself. Those who manage the company should still be the senior managers who manage the company now

M & a hunter "sniffed" Disney

21st century: according to your development logic of establishing the media kingdom through mergers and acquisitions in the United States, a few days ago, many companies wanted to participate in the acquisition of some other Disney assets. Is Viacom and the group interested in participating in the bidding? Why

Redstone: neither Viacom nor fox (the group's TV) has ever tried to acquire Disney. In fact, Comcast may have this idea, but it didn't succeed. The company that is currently trying to acquire Disney is also doomed to failure

at least now Viacom has no plan to acquire Disney, because Viacom has everything. Maybe in the far future, I don't rule out this possibility

but in fact, even if it is possible, I will not buy Disney now. Why do you say so? First, we have CBS. In the United States, if we acquire Disney, it means that we also have ABC, which is almost unimaginable; Second, if we want to buy Disney, broadcast factor 2: there will be a lot of repetition in the ball screw, which drives the motion of the sensor, which will bring regulatory problems; Third, TV stations will also have a lot of repetition, which will also bring regulatory problems; Fourth, theme parks, you know, 50% of Disney's valuable assets are this one. Theme parks are very good, but the current trend in the world is that the development speed of theme parks is declining rapidly, because we also have theme park business, and we know it very well - although paramount theme park is much smaller than Disney, we have a full understanding of the disadvantages and development trends of theme parks. For these reasons, we will not consider buying Disney for the time being

look at the new technological revolution

21st century: how will the new round of technological revolution continue to redefine the world media industry? Is Murdoch's satellite TV a threat to your cable TV

Lei Shidong: new technology brings both risks and opportunities to TV. Now there is a popular saying in the United States that people spend a lot less time watching TV than before. Everyone hardly watches TV anymore, which is actually wrong. The survey found that the ratings of CBS, UPM and other programs have increased in the past five years

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