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Intertextile fabrics exhibition gathers the world's latest fiber and yarn products

China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn and winter) Expo will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 22 to 25. The exhibition has attracted leading global fiber and yarn suppliers, and many have brought more environmentally friendly and efficient products at the request of customers. A number of fiber exhibition groups, exhibitors' federations and their production chain partners jointly present the latest fiber products and their applications in clothing and fabrics

at this exhibition, the fiber exhibition group and suppliers will display the latest natural and synthetic fibers and yarns, including the American International Cotton Association, Taiwan DuPont Co., Ltd., Xiaoxing international trade (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., INVISTA Fiber Co., Ltd., Lanjing fiber (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Korea chemical 178 malleable iron fiber Association

the representative of Korea Chemical Fiber Association who participated in the exhibition for the first time this year plans to bring sophisticated and multifunctional fabrics. The company said: "we hope to seize more opportunities to meet buyers from all over the world, especially China."

Taiwan, China DuPont Co., Ltd. organized an exhibition group for the first time this year. Qiu Yuxuan, a business representative who once participated as an individual exhibitor, said: "the scale of the exhibition is expanding every year. Organizing exhibition groups with brand themes can effectively integrate partners in the clothing production chain and display our products at the same place." She looks forward to meeting with major international buyers

NVIDIA Fiber Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition for the ninth consecutive year. With the development of science and technology, they will form a "invita fashion business opportunities face-to-face" exhibition group to display innovative achievements with Chinese and overseas suppliers. Invita Fiber Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that recognizes that practicing environmental protection production is the general trend, Its Asia Pacific Business Director said: "sustainable development is not only a trend, but also an important way for textile enterprises to achieve long-term success. (4) the development direction of flexible pipes such as PE-X pipe 1."

advanced fabrics with environmental protection and high technology will become the highlight of this year's exhibition. China's Taiwan DuPont Co., Ltd. will show the use of recycled materials and sustainable processes to make biological fiber Sorona, and is looking forward to receiving positive comments from buyers

in addition, advansamarketinggmbh from Germany will display advansathermocool, a high-tech product containing duoregulation fiber technology. The fabric of this product can automatically balance temperature changes and bring comfort to the wearer. The representative of the company said, "the role of China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn and winter) Expo is irreplaceable, which allows us to meet with important merchants in the Asian market one by one on a large platform."

nylstarsa CEO list is led by leading enterprises: "fabric exhibition is one of the most important exhibitions in the industry, and it is also the best way to collect industry information, grasp the pulse of the industry, and inspire new projects and market trends."

the representative of pteleganttextileindustry, an Indonesian exhibitor who participated in the exhibition in 2011, was deeply satisfied with the positive response received at previous exhibitions: "we are looking forward to meeting more new customers at this exhibition, and also looking forward to direct negotiations with brands and retail procurement teams."

"I think the exhibition is a good platform for meeting new and old customers." Yuanjialu, the brand sales manager of Suzhou Youfu Textile Co., Ltd., who has participated in the exhibition for many times, also has very positive expectations for the exhibition

other fiber yarn exhibitors also include Toyo textile, Far East New Century Co., Ltd

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