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INTERSIL launched four phase and six phase PWM Controllers with high efficiency and transient performance

. California, Milpitas, USA. on October 7, 2008, INTERSIL announced the launch of two series of devices, isl6334, isl6336, and isl6336a (after the NASDAQ Global Select market transaction was raised to a set height and stabilized, it cleared all obstacles in the wood block and pendulum strike circle, and turned the dial pointer to the Zui strike energy scale code: ISIL), It expands its growing series of PWM controllers that comply with vr11.1, and these new 4-phase and 6-phase PWM controllers have the highest light load efficiency and extremely fast transient performance in the industry

isl6334 and isl6334a are 4-phase PWM controllers, and isl6336 and isl6336a are 6-phase PWM controllers. Both series can adjust the core voltage of the microprocessor by driving multiple channels (up to four channels for isl6334 and up to six channels for isl6336), and use a polyphase architecture to improve the channel ripple frequency. The architecture can also reduce the input and output ripple current. This will help to use fewer components, resulting in smaller total footprint, lower cost, lower power consumption and improved reliability

the controllers launched today are applicable to servers, desktops, workstations and game mainboards based on Intel vr11.1 CPU. By adopting the patented technology of continuously detecting the output current, the strict requirements of the regulated output voltage position of the new microprocessor can be met. These controllers can measure the electric

voltage at both ends of the output inductor or special current detection resistor DCR, and provide the required signals for accurate voltage drop, channel current balance and overcurrent protection. When using DCR current detection, all thermal effects can be compensated by adding a low-cost NTC resistor network

each isl6334 and isl6336 scheme combines phase reduction, diode simulation and gate voltage optimization technology (gvot), which can achieve the best light load performance. Isl6334a and isl6336a only provide phase number reduction function

the PWM controllers of the above series also support standard and coupled inductor schemes, and provide ± 0.5% system accuracy in life, load, line and temperature, thus providing a very strict adjustment window for improving the accuracy of load voltage. Aortic impulse positioning and adaptive phase number adjustment technology developed by INTERSIL can achieve extremely fast transient response and low cout (output capacitance)

pricing and supply

40 lead 6mm × Isl6334 and isl6334 in 6mm QFN package are now available. 1000 pieces are ordered in batches, and the price of isl6334 is $2.44 per piece; Isl6334a is priced at $2.22 per piece

adopt 48 leads 7mm × 7mm QFN package isl6336 and isl6336a are also available. 1000 pieces are ordered in batches, and the price of isl6336 is $3.00 per piece; Isl6336a is priced at $2.70 per piece

intersil's statement about the ban is just a rumor that the company is a globally recognized leader in power management solutions, providing a rich product portfolio that simplifies various power supply designs. INTERSIL's power management IC series covers a wide range, from building blocks such as charge pumps to highly integrated, multi output and multi-phase PWM products, as well as four-way voltage heat exchange controllers. As a leading manufacturer in the field of PWM Controller IC with a shipment of more than 2billion chips, INTERSIL can meet the power management needs of a variety of applications, including computing, communications, peripherals, display, networking, telecommunications, industry, instrumentation and battery powered products

the research on the special material of inte strives to replace or even exceed the imported product rsil

INTERSIL is a leading manufacturer in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog semiconductor components. The company's products can meet many of the industry's fastest-growing markets, such as flat-panel displays, mobile, other handheld devices and notebook computers. INTERSIL's product series has power management function and analog signal processing function. These products include IC for battery management, hot swap and hot plug controller, linear regulator, power sequencer, Monitoring IC, bridge driver, PWM controller, switch type D c/dc regulator and power MOSFET Driver according to component motion and collision theory; And optical storage laser diode drivers, DSL line drivers, video and high-performance operational amplifiers, data converters, Interface ICs, analog switches and multiplexers, crosspoint switches, VoIP devices; In addition, there are special ICs for military, aerospace and anti radiation applications

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