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Visit Yunxiang heavy industry and talk about the future of aerial work platforms

visit Yunxiang heavy industry and talk about the future of aerial work platforms

China Engineering divides the dynamic measurement characteristic indexes into two categories: A and B: the electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine fulfills 2% of the class a index; Other models fulfill 3% of class B index machine information

China's aerial work machinery is growing and developing in the competition. In the growth process of China's aerial work machinery industry in the past 20 years, the first decade was unknown. The industry was too small, the products were too simple, and the products were too cheap. This was the portrayal of China's aerial work platform in the previous decade. Talking about the competition with foreign brands is not a level at all. After falling down, stand up, fall down and stand up again, China's aerial work machinery industry is struggling to grow. The industry's GDP in 2014 is estimated to be 2 billion yuan (excluding foreign-funded enterprises), which is indeed small in number, and even inferior to the annual GDP of a medium-sized enterprise. But after all, it is the highest value of development in recent years. Some enterprises have been able to compete with foreign big brands, and they have stood on the same starting line

in recent years, several giants of aerial work machinery in the world have poured into China to build factories, from Ningbo and Changzhou in the south to Tanggu in Tianjin and Jinzhou in Dalian in the north, which has a great potential to seize and divide the Chinese market. How can made in China, which is still in its infancy, face fierce competition? Retreat in the face of difficulties, or advance bravely in the torrent! When entering China, it can be seen that several major brands in the world want to share a cup of movable beam to automatically return to the original position at high speed and take the express train of China's GDP. Is there room for Chinese enterprises to survive? Take a look at the Chinese enterprises that can participate in Beijing bibvb sublime matrix and have undergone strict testing ces and Shanghai Bauma construction machinery exhibition. They must be the mainstream enterprises of Chinese aerial work platforms, and their products are also the mainstream products of aerial work platforms. What are other Chinese counterparts doing? Are the more than 200 enterprises in the famous Suzhou aerial work platform Street still alive

I visited Hunan Yunxiang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Zu Jun, general manager of the company, told us that the enterprise has a lot of orders. I hope you cherish Shaohua and work hard to meet them. The worry is that the delivery time is too tight and the profit is low. Most of the orders are non mainstream products, with the majority of fixed scissor platforms dominated by warehousing and logistics, as well as some lifting platforms supporting assembly lines. Survival in the cracks is almost every owner's starting point. Mainstream enterprises play a leading role in China's aerial work platform industry, which should be the highest in terms of product type, output value, profit, technical content and market share; The number of many small enterprises is soaring, the output value is not high, the output is not high, the profit is not high, and the product technology content is very low

from the indicators, it is very difficult to make an accurate judgment on how the aerial work platform market will develop in the second half of 2015. The economic situation in Europe is uncertain and has a deteriorating trend. The U.S. economic recovery is weak, and it is difficult to achieve much because of insufficient momentum. The two major markets of aerial work platforms in the world are so depressed, what else can we expect too much? Of course, several major manufacturers of aerial work platforms increased slightly in 2015

Where is the way out for the high-altitude operation machinery industry in 2016

what will we do in 2016? Of course, domestic enterprises should practice their internal skills, develop and reserve a number of products with international standards and market competitiveness. Going out may be the only way out for us to break through the siege. Since others come in, we should certainly go out

the tide of mergers and acquisitions of international enterprises rises and falls. In the case of economic downturn, it is a good time for industry restructuring. Many enterprises seize the opportunity to acquire enterprises for asset restructuring and improve their manufacturing capacity. Some enterprises attract some lessors, expand sales channels and expand market coverage. There have been many mergers and acquisitions in the construction machinery industry. Liugong, Sany and Zoomlion have all successfully acquired enterprises abroad. Can Chinese aerial work machinery enterprises acquire foreign enterprises

in 2016, Chinese enterprises should also take action to jointly do a good job in our Chinese market. China is recognized as the most potential and dynamic market in the world. Foreign companies have come to China because of this. Our enterprises are used to fighting alone, vicious competition and price war. In this way, Snipes and mussels will only compete and reap benefits

domestic aerial work machinery market under cultivation

aerial work machinery develops slowly in China, which is closely related to the small market capacity in China. In the 1990s, the total annual demand for aerial work platforms in the Chinese market was not as high as that in Singapore. Our per capita GNP was low, the labor cost was low, the awareness of safety protection was low, and the traditional construction methods resulted in a very small market capacity

in recent years, China's per capita gross national product has increased year by year, labor costs have become higher and higher, safety awareness has become stronger and stronger, and the demand for safe and reliable aerial work machinery has become higher and higher. The state has also gradually realized the importance of safety, and the Ministry of science and technology's "Eleventh Five Year Plan" science and technology support plan for steel structure "scaffolding free installation equipment technology research and industrial development" science and technology plan focuses on the development of high-altitude work machinery products. The project has been completed at the end of the eleventh five year plan. It is believed that with the gradual maturity of the Chinese market, Chinese products are more and more synchronized with the international market, and people's acceptance of aerial work machinery is gradually improving. In the next few years, the development speed of this industry may become a leader in the construction machinery industry

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