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Exclusive interview with Li Deyi: AI has changed from "waving" to "shaking hands"

driverless, smart home, smart city, speech therapy (ChAT) robot, space robot... These AI scenes that once appeared in science fiction movies are gradually flying into the homes of ordinary people


Tianjin North news: driverless, smart home, smart city, speech therapy (ChAT) robot, space robot, which once appeared in science fiction movies, are gradually flying into the homes of ordinary people

on December 3, Li Deyi, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and chairman of the Chinese Association of artificial intelligence, took time to give a special lecture to more than 800 party members, cadres and the masses in Tianjin auditorium. Meanwhile, Tianjin made an exclusive interview with Academician Li Deyi

artificial intelligence robot

people dance with robots

human beings are always the leading dancers

Tianjin: now, artificial intelligence has gone out of the laboratory and into the lives of ordinary people. Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, but it is difficult to say clearly what artificial intelligence is. When developing new products, it is necessary to consider the design, process and materials themselves. What can it bring us? Please popularize science for everyone

Lideyi: the development history of science and technology is the expansion history of human ability to understand and transform the world, and the development history of human labor tools. Mankind has gone through the agricultural society, industrial society and information society, and has entered a new stage in which intelligence is used as the mark of today's social era - intelligent society. In agricultural society and industrial society, human production tools are mainly power tools based on material and energy, which are between pickup trucks and SUVs. Today, labor tools have turned to intelligent tools based on data, information, knowledge, value and intelligence. Demographic dividends and labor dividends are not so smart, and intelligent dividends are coming. Therefore, it is normal for the world to pay attention to artificial intelligence

through artificial intelligence, we can build go brain, driving brain, translation brain, etc. alphago has defeated the human go champion, and driverless has gone 10million miles. Therefore, we should have a sense of awe for artificial intelligence, neither think that robots are under human beings, nor think that artificial intelligence will become a threat to human beings. In my opinion, in the era of people dancing with robots, there is no doubt that human beings have always been the leader

then, what is the connotation of artificial intelligence

the first is the basis of brain cognition, which clarifies the brain mechanism of cognitive activities, that is, the human brain uses various levels of components, including molecules, cells, neural circuits, brain tissue areas to realize memory cognition, computational cognition, interactive cognition and other activities, and how to simulate these cognitive activities

the second is machine perception and pattern recognition. It studies the visual perception of the brain and how to use machines to complete the information processing and recognition tasks of graphics and images, such as object recognition, biometrics, situational recognition, etc. face brushing is a typical example

the third is natural language processing and understanding, which studies the context, pragmatics, semantics and structure of natural language; Intelligent retrieval of large thesaurus, corpus and text, computer input methods of speech and text, analysis of morphology, syntax, semantics and text, generation, synthesis and recognition of machine text and speech, machine translation and simultaneous interpreting between various languages, especially computational linguistics and language digitization, have achieved great success, such as chat robots, artificial intelligence writing, etc., forming a large number of blowout achievements

the fourth is knowledge engineering, which studies how to replace people with machines to realize knowledge representation, acquisition, reasoning and decision-making. Including machine theorem proving, machine game, digital library, knowledge atlas and other large-scale knowledge projects

another extension is robots and intelligent systems, which have many applications, such as industrial robots, agricultural robots, medical and health robots, service robots, space robots and intelligent commerce, intelligent education, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, intelligent agriculture, intelligent logistics, etc

VR demo

to show the world

the contribution of China's artificial intelligence

Tianjin: the China artificial intelligence society was established in 1981, which also shows that China's artificial intelligence research has a long history. Can you introduce yesterday, today and tomorrow of China's artificial intelligence

Li Deyi: the term artificial intelligence was first proposed at the Dartmouth society in 1956. The awakening of Chinese scholars to artificial intelligence is synchronized with the world and is not slow. When the AI association was founded, it was a social science close to the world outlook and philosophical issues, rather than a natural science. We have also grown up with the global AI in the twists and turns of the tide and cold winter. For example, Wang Xuan developed the laser Phototypesetting Technology of Chinese characters, which made our printing of Chinese characters washed out and entered a new era; There is also mathematician Wang Hao, who was awarded the first milestone Award for mechanical proof of mathematical theorems by the International Federation of artificial intelligence. In fact, he 248 concrete structure has been studying computer theory and machine proof since 1953. And our honorary chairman, Mr. Wu Wenjun, won the first prize of the National Natural Science Award. His greatest contribution is the mechanization of mathematics, so that foreigners can follow the Chinese. So, China's AI yesterday is proud, and we should take AI as a good opportunity to change lanes and overtake

nowadays, intelligence has been raised to the height of national strategy. Intelligent science and technology play an accelerator role in economic prosperity, national security, population health, ecological environment and quality of life, as well as the development of the whole human society, and there is an urgent need for popularization and understanding

tomorrow depends on today. If all walks of life can't get benefits, and people don't have a sense of gain, no matter how good it is. So we hope that by 2030 and 2040, China's AI can show our contribution to the world. Let's work together

Lideyi: first of all, we need to analyze the difference between the revolution of artificial intelligence and the industrial revolution. I think that artificial intelligence changes the whole world with its silent softness. It is not shouting and earth shaking, but quietly changing our lives bit by bit. For example, domestic robots can be used as wake-up robots, help us broadcast TV on demand, and even the car passing by you may be self driving; The express delivered to you is intelligent automatic sorting

however, artificial intelligence sometimes has problems that it can't work well. It's true that usable instructions have brought changes. If it's not easy to use, we still have a lot to do. Take the natural interaction between voice and machine as an example. Can anyone's commands be executed? If I'm the master of the house, then the guest says yes or no, which involves a speech recognition problem. Another is whether I can understand it in a noisy environment. It's still difficult for AI to achieve selective attention

innovation driven and intelligent. Facing and solving practical problems directly is the starting point and foothold of a new round of artificial intelligence. If we want to further empower all walks of life and help industry reform and innovation, we need to solve the pain points of all walks of life and bring more sense of gain to the people, which is the most practical thing. AI needs to be more accurate and practical in life

outdoor unmanned delivery truck

five industries, including manufacturing and education, have the greatest impact

Tianjin: what are the industries with the greatest impact of artificial intelligence at present

Lideyi: the first is manufacturing. Manufacturing is the backbone of the real economy, and automobile manufacturing is the backbone of manufacturing. At present, the popular unmanned driving has almost concentrated all the artificial intelligence black technology. Unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships and unmanned aerial vehicles will become the focus of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and it is imperative to replace people with machines. And more people should not be proud. It is only when people have more output value that we should be proud. At present, there is still a gap between the application of industrial robots in China and that in the world. If we want to form the integrated effect of industry, we must make great efforts at the technical level

the second is education. In the final analysis, intelligent manufacturing industry is talent. How to carry out education is a key problem. First of all, what is education? Education = cultivate students' ability to acquire knowledge, to make decisions, and to innovate. If you memorize by rote and do a lot of questions, machines will do better than people, and robots in all subjects will sooner or later outperform candidates. Therefore, education still needs to cultivate decision-making ability and creativity. In addition, education dividend is the largest dividend in China's demographic dividend and the foundation for China to become a powerful AI country by 2030. In order to realize the national development plan for China to become a global artificial intelligence highland by 2030, we should cultivate talents in the spirit of reform, and take the lead in establishing a number of robotics colleges, artificial intelligence colleges and intelligent science and technology colleges in the world

the third is computer education. What does computer science and technology teach in the age of intelligence? Dr. John Hennessy & Dr. David Patterson, the winner of the 2018 Turing prize, said: computer architecture design has ushered in a new golden age, an era of software and hardware collaborative design for domain applications. Cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence have achieved interactive cognitive means such as Mu class, micro class, flipped class and personalized teaching, gradually transforming teachers into coaches. In the future, more coaching robots may appear in universities to replace human teachers

the fourth is medical treatment. Since ancient times, seeing a doctor is an unequal random event. Artificial intelligence makes it no longer difficult for patients to find the right doctor, and they can make early diagnosis and diagnosis; Let hospitals across the country and even the world archive a large number of medical images marked by human experts and big data of various disease cases, hide the name sharing, and form a variety of medical image reading expert systems and accurate diagnosis assistants through in-depth learning, which can reduce misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis and realize personalized remote cloud medicine. Artificial intelligence realizes the three-level jump of medical treatment and sinks high-quality medical resources, which will bring the greatest sense of gain to the people

the fifth is finance. The natural ecology of finance is big data, which is the most consistent with artificial intelligence. Whether it's capital flow correlation analysis, lending risk control, credit evaluation and management, identity authentication, customer financial behavior analysis, personalized finance, especially financial big data with time series, various real-time correlation analysis and security risk prediction can be carried out through efficient data mining and machine learning, which can not only obtain micro, meso and macro laws, but also find anomalies, financial fraud, etc. Millions of jobs in China's banking, insurance and securities sectors will face restructuring, and artificial intelligence will reshape finance

China's AI industry is in the bud

Tianjin: do you think there is a tendency to overheat this round of AI? How to avoid empty heat and walk out of a pragmatic path

Lideyi: when I graduated from University,

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