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Interview with wuyunfang, chairman of Shanxi tianyunsheng curtain wall Glass Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Provincial Department of safety, Shanxi Yabao pharmaceutical, Taiyuan TV station office building, Taiyuan radio and Television Institute, Taiyuan east railway station, Hanting chain hotel Landmark buildings that have sprung up from the ground, as well as more than 1000 enterprises and institutions inside and outside the province, such as Wanda real estate, Evergrande real estate, Yangmei group, Taiyuan University of technology, North China University, are using the glass products produced by Shanxi tianyunsheng curtain wall Glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "tianyunsheng"), and they are all attracted to come to the door to buy

what kind of enterprise is it to have so many customers in such a competitive market? What characteristics does it rely on to stand on the market? With this, we have to admit some questions. The author interviewed wuyunfang, chairman of tianyunsheng company

sweat builds the road and tamps the foundation of Tianyun Saint

talking with Wu Yunfang can be summarized as "comfortable and comfortable" in four words. The reason why she is "comfortable" is that she has no airs, and the reason why she is "comfortable" is that she can accurately point to the core of many problems with just a few words

talking about her entrepreneurial experience, Wu Yunfang sighed. She used to be an employee of the towel factory. She used to be a statistician and chairman of the trade union. After the bankruptcy of the enterprise, she embarked on the road of entrepreneurship in 1993

"At the beginning of the establishment of the company, there was only one facade, acting and selling curtain wall glass. But at that time, there was no business experience, and the company lost 200000 yuan in the first year. Without working capital, the business was in trouble. But I knew that there was no way out, and I had to overcome difficulties and continue to move forward. So, I summarized experience, borrowed funds, ran Market Research during the day, and studied enterprise development at night. In this way, step by step, the enterprise gradually stepped into the right direction Track. " Wu Yunfang, with her strong faith and tenacity, has laid a solid foundation for the development of tianyunsheng with sweat and persistence

although Wu Yunfang's entrepreneurial experience is not legendary, she gradually turned the impossible into the possibility, turning difficulties into hope, and led tianyunsheng from a "layman" of curtain wall glass to become the leader of the industry

in 2010, tianyunsheng built a new plant. At present, the factory area of the company covers an area of 50 mu, and it has the leading glass deep-processing equipment in the province, such as the tamglass tempering furnace imported from Finland, the full-automatic plate pressing and hollow production line, the full-automatic glue applicator, the full-automatic cutting machine, the full-automatic edging machine, the full-automatic Low-E cleaning, glue mixing, and so on. It also cooperates with Tianjin south glass, Tianjin Xinyi, China Fuyao Group, Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass, Shandong Jinjing group, Tangshan Lanxin glass, Hebei safety industry, Yingxin glass Zhangzhou Qibin Glass Group and China north glass have become partners

perfect quality, Yang Tian Yunsheng's name

Tian Yunsheng has no special sales department and salesperson, and has no advertising planning, but it is well-known in the industry, and its products are in short supply

Wu Yunfang explained that tianyunsheng's product sales rely on word-of-mouth

she said that all the welds produced are high-quality welds. Tianyunsheng is always committed to the imbalance of quality product structure, quantity management and technical research, adheres to the scientific development of the factory, takes exquisite quality and high-quality service as the guide, takes "integrity" and "honesty" as the business philosophy, and takes it as its responsibility to constantly meet the needs of customers to win the support and love of customers. Based on the tenet of "quality is the life of the enterprise, safety is the basis of the enterprise", tianyunsheng constantly absorbs advanced technologies at home and abroad, pays attention to technological breakthroughs, and transforms the latest technological achievements into the first-class products of the enterprise to the market

at present, tianyunsheng mainly wholesales various kinds of float glass, various color coating, off-line coating, Low-E, off-line single silver, double silver Low-E and other safety and energy-saving glass, and processes tempered, hollow, laminated, fireproof and other glass, including Taiyuan University, Taiyuan University of technology, Zhongbei University, Taiyuan University of science and technology, Lanxian middle school, municipal procuratorate, State Taxation Bureau, opera house, Grain Bureau, Yangmei group, Wanda real estate Evergrande real estate and other more than 1000 enterprises provide various glass products. It has become a glass wholesale and processing base with complete product varieties and large production capacity in North China, and its products are widely sold in domestic and foreign markets

excellent team builds tianyunsheng brand

while introducing various advanced equipment, tianyunsheng also pays special attention to talent introduction and team building

wuyunfang said that since its establishment, the company has experienced the baptism of the market, and has a united, dedicated, tough, innovative and professional team, with nearly 100 skilled technical workers and excellent management team

the competition among enterprises is the competition of talents. Retaining talents is the top priority of enterprises. How does tianyunsheng improve employee loyalty and reduce the turnover rate

wuyunfang said that the best way to retain talents is "persistence and kindness". The first is the salary and welfare treatment superior to the average level of the industry and society and good welfare protection. Tian Yunsheng pays various insurances for employees and plans to let employees hold shares of the company in the future. In addition, create superior working and living conditions for employees. Tianyunsheng provides staff with free accommodation and standard room accommodation

only when employees are satisfied and happy can they be voluntary and loyal, loyal to the company and customers, and lead in service. In order to enhance the emotional exchanges between the enterprise and employees and enrich their amateur cultural life, tianyunsheng regularly holds various cultural and sports activities, such as table tennis matches, to strengthen the physical and mental health of employees and strengthen team cohesion

"because of intention, it is professional". With high-quality products and experienced and energetic professional team, tianyunsheng wins quality for customers and public praise for itself

facing the future, Wu Yunfang is full of confidence, "either don't do it, or do it best". She will lead the team to continue to work hard to build tianyunsheng into a leading brand of curtain wall glass inside and outside the province

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