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Exclusive interview with drew Weightman, manager of tto global business department

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core tip: in an interview with drew Weightman, manager of Videojet technologies' global business department of tto, he described the challenges faced by manufacturers in soft packaging coding and identification, And what aspects of tto can improve efficiency and coding quality

flexible packaging is now a dynamic field, facing several development trends according to the needs of the project. First of all, we see that producers, especially food producers, continue to shift from hard packaging to soft packaging. As we all know, this can save a lot of costs and significantly increase sustainable benefits. However, we also see some changes taking place inside flexible packaging. In some places outside general flexible packaging, some user enterprises have made some really exciting innovations

among them, the innovation in easy packaging of shelves (such as vertical bags) is of particular concern. For example, the transparent window on the package enables consumers to directly see the products in the package, the sealing strip can seal the package repeatedly, and there are many innovative functions. These are just a few examples. Consumers' demands for identifying the source and authenticity of products are increasing, and these innovative functions of flexible packaging are increasingly becoming the main means for manufacturers to meet this demand, which will form a part of the rocket nozzle

and any other form of packaging, such as hard packaging box, can not meet these needs of consumers. Consumers cannot see the products in the hard packaging. Soup cans are a good example. There is an opaque barrier between consumers and products. The reason why easy packaging on shelves is becoming more and more popular is that it enables consumers to experience products in a way that was previously impossible: they can see products, feel weight, and interact with products in a sense

these advantages of flexible packaging are being recognized more and more widely. However, many manufacturers do not realize that this change will open up new possibilities for coding

Q: is tto the most suitable technology for this kind of packaging form

once you change from hard packaging to soft packaging, tto will naturally become the best choice for coding and marking. This is by far the most reliable flexible packaging identification method, with excellent printing quality. In many cases, brand owners will spend a lot of time and energy to create a smooth and original shelf easy packaging design. Putting the rough hot stamping code on this kind of packaging will make all efforts go to waste

in addition, for efficiency improvement, tto is obviously the first choice. Old simulation technologies, such as hot stamping or roller printing, usually use metal impressions that can be clamped in heating blocks. In East China, NISCO reduced the purchase price of coke by 30 yuan/ton. This kind of impression needs to be reassembled manually every time the code is changed, which will lead to production burden and errors. The TTO system can digitally modify the code in the process of moving. Tto is very suitable for identifying variable information on flexible packaging because it is easy to use and very reliable, and can change the coding digitally

why is this technology attractive to brand owners

for brand owners, print quality and scalability are very important. For example, choose different colors or different levels of information, so that the coding quality can support the design hard created by brand owners. In short, tto can print almost all graphics, text, logos, certifications, promotions, or other variable information that the brand owner may want to print on the package. Tto can indeed open up new opportunities

are there software elements that also enhance the attractiveness of tto to the production team

the difference between vidigit tto technology and other identification technologies is that it adopts clarity interface, which provides users with various intuitive methods to simplify settings and provide coding quality assurance. It is important to reduce the probability of mistakes. For example, codes such as date or batch must always be correctly identified. The clarity interface allows you to set jobs directly on the code printer or through the network, and has a variety of functions, including simplified information selection, predefined rules to prevent wrong dates from being entered, restricted calendars to prevent invalid dates from being identified on the product, and permission control to manage user access. Reducing operational errors is a key driver for improving productivity, and clarity's intuition can meet this requirement

in addition, production and efficiency are also the key factors that make the vidige system so attractive. The system is equipped with a patented direct ribbon driver completely controlled by software, which can consistently identify variable data on each product. It does not need to use mechanical clutch or additional tension sensor, so the error rate is extremely low. Precise digital control of the printing system can ensure reliable production with little interruption of production. This precise design leads to another production feature that makes customers crazy - our simple ribbon drive combines 1200 meters (3937 feet) of ribbon, making ribbon replacement very fast and reducing the replacement frequency, so that the operation team can spend time on other aspects

is it increasingly necessary to identify more detailed ingredients and nutritional information on the packaging

consumers are paying more and more attention to the composition, source, authenticity and stories contained in the product (if you are interested). Nutritional information and ingredients must be disclosed on the packaging, as must calorie counts and allergens. Governments of various countries gradually increase efforts to meet the concerns of consumers by comprehensively implementing different requirements, so as to promote food producers to meet the expectations of consumers. This is a good thing for consumers, but if the system is not flexible enough, such requirements may cause serious difficulties in the production and labeling process. If regulators stipulate that manufacturers must use specific marks to represent product information, such as genetically modified organisms, then manufacturers must now change product packaging. Suppose that if your current product launches 80 kinds of packaging with different flavors and sizes for four different markets, a little change in the existing packaging will lead to huge trouble. Therefore, in order to meet regulatory requirements or convey product source information to consumers, manufacturers are increasingly considering which part of the packaging can print variable information

using tto system, information can be changed digitally without changing logistics or supply chain. Tto system can realize flexible packaging and avoid costly delays and packaging changes. If the manufacturer integrates tto in the production line to print the date/batch code, but later determines that it needs to add additional marks such as origin or batch station, he does not need to change the production process. When using tto coding, such additional information can be printed seamlessly with just a few keystrokes

ask: is tto technology environmentally friendly

our customers attach great importance to sustainable development and ensure that the extrusion volume is linear with the speed of the gear pump. They are increasingly concerned about whether their coding operation is conducive to environmental protection. The answer is yes. Tto printer has advantages in both material use and upstream space occupation, so increasing the use of tto is very conducive to environmental protection. Tto technology only uses precisely controlled heating elements to transfer codes from inert ribbons, and does not use any solvents or other liquids often used by other coding technologies

in addition, customers can be sure when cooperating with VDJ that VDJ strives to achieve the highest level of environmental protection standards. We unremittingly promote the operation of the whole enterprise to meet the requirements of ISO 14001 environmental standards, reduce emissions and the consumption of key resources, energy and raw materials. We hope our customers can rest assured that we attach the same importance to environmental protection as they do

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