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INTERSIL flexible low-power, thin package four port RS

California, Milpitas - June 5, 2009 - INTERSIL Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select Market Trading Code: ISIL), the global leader in high-performance analog semiconductor design and manufacturing, announced today that it has developed a new series of small footprint, four port RS-422 transceivers with 1.65kv ESD protection - isl32179e, isl32272e and isl32274e. These innovative devices have a wide range of voltage operation and can be used in motor control, process control networks, telecommunication products and factory automation systems

the new isl32179e, isl32272e and isl32274e can withstand ESD during assembly and use, and their ± 16.5kv ESD protection ability can meet the protection requirements of HBM and I while the original EC standard for the transceiver output port. The output leakage current of all new transceivers is only ± 20 μ A. It can effectively reduce power consumption. The new transceiver can use 3.3V or 5V power supply and work in the temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ +125 ℃, which can replace the RS-422 transceiver that can only use 5V power supply voltage or use in a limited temperature range at present

isl32179e, isl32272e and isl32274e are the best design options for using RS-422 communication interface, providing the greatest protection against the worst ESD encountered during assembly and use

the data rate of the device is as high as 32Mbps, and the maximum quiescent current is as low as 0.8ma. INTERSIL also provides a version with a limited voltage swing rate, so that the application of low data rate in a large number of previous studies can reduce EMI and transmission line reflection. QFN packaged versions also have as low as 60 μ A turn off current. The drive (TX) output is tri state, and the integrated hot plug function can disable the device during power on and power off

products of industry standard models adopt tssop or widely used nsoic package, while isl32179e also provides a small 4mm x 4mm QFN package, which is 50% smaller than the size of tssop package, which can save a lot of circuit board space. Isl32179e also has data rate and enabling options, enabling it to achieve more functions in the design. The multiple enable pins on the isl32179e enable the user to select active high or low grouping enable (EN or en#), pair enable (en12 and en34), or enable a channel individually. The data rate selection pin allows the user to select the data rate from 460kbps to 32Mbps. This function is only available in isl32179e. The ultra small QFN package version has VL pins, which can adjust the logic pin input threshold, eliminating the extended voltage level converter IC in most designs

pricing and availability

isl32272e and isl32274e are now available in 16 pin tssop and 16 pin SOIC packages, with an order batch of 1000 pieces priced at $1.60. Isl32179e adopts 24 pin QFN package, and the order batch is 1000 pieces. About INTERSIL

the factors that affect the friction action of intersi. L company is a leading manufacturer in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog semiconductor components. The company's products can meet many of the industry's fastest-growing markets, such as flat-panel displays, mobile, other handheld devices and notebook computers. INTERSIL's product series has power management functions and analog signal processing functions. These products include IC for battery management, hot swap and Hot Swap Controllers, linear regulators, power sequencer, Monitoring IC, bridge drivers, PWM controllers, switching dc/dc regulators and power MOSFET Drivers; And optical storage laser diode drivers, DSL line drivers, video and high-performance operational amplifiers, data converters, Interface ICs, analog switches and multiplexers, crosspoint switches, VoIP devices; In addition, there are special I abettor discs for military, aerospace and anti radiation applications to maintain a constant speed C. For more information about INTERSIL or how to become a member of our successful team, please login

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